Are you ready for a colourless era?

What if one day, you wake up and realize that all the colors of your life just went out? The beautiful rose from your beloved husband last night turned gray, your sexy red lipstick turned black, and the dazzling sun now could no longer light up the leaden sky. All things around you look the same: pale, dark, somber, and colorless. We suddenly realize that we are so used to seeing and using colors that they have become something we take for granted. We make rash decisions on choosing clothes every morning, choosing arbitrary colors and mixing them in our way.  We use colors without considering what messages are conveyed to others, and we don’t know exactly what the real differences between red and yellow are.

Fortunately, it’s not too late to learn about their meanings to use them correctly when the rainbow still has seven colors.  Let’s check out the interesting stories behind three primary colors in our life: RED- BLUE- YELLOW.

Red- Essential energy for life

Red is the color most chosen by extroverts. Next time, if you date with a girl you just know via internet, try to notice the color that she wears on the first date. If it ‘s red, she may be a self-confident, enthusiastic, sociable, friendly, and outgoing person.  Take her to a crowded club or an coffee shop with rock music. You might get another date from her.

Red is also one of the top picks of men. Red lips have connection with attractiveness, and can increase visual fixation.  If you go out with red lips tomorrow, you will be stand out and at least one out of five men will pay more attention to you.  So it’s not suprising that we can easily catch on many superstars with red lipstick on television, especially in special events.  But what if you don’t like red lipstick or It’s not suitable with your appearance in a business meeting? Don’t worry.  How about a pair of red earings or a bracelet? Wear a red scarf or purse help you draw attention from other people. So, don’t forget the rule of becoming noticeable and eye-catching with red.

However, be careful with this color.  It’s also the color of blood, emergency warning,  and can be considered as a sign of danger.

Blue- Knowledge is like an Ocean

On a clear sunny day, the sky above us looks bright blue. Two-Third of the earth’s surface is covered with water which is also deeply blue. So it’s totally true that we are living in a world of blue.

Looking up at the sky, we feel free, peaceful, and pleasant. Looking down at the ocean, we feel relaxed, calm, and comfortable. These are exactly the feelings that blue brings to us. But it’s not the most interesting story about blue. Blue is the least “gender specific” color, having equal appeal to both men and women, and is the  world’s most popular color both online and offline. It’s easy for anyone to name the three biggest social networks website- Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. But do you know why all of them choose blue as their brand colour(even other famous social media pages such as Stumble, Digg, and Delicious having blue in their brand)?

According to an Applied Colour Psychology Specialist, Blue is the colour of communication, representing the intellect, wisdom, and the mind. Also, it is an appropriate colour for a transparent background which does not distract the viewers from main content of the site. What else do we need for a website? It’s credibility. Blue gives the feeling of security, truthfulness, loyalty, tranquility, steadfastness, serenity, and trust. That’s also why most insurance companies’ logos are in blue. However, If our world all turns blue, there will be only sadness and loneliness like the melody of this “Love is blue” song.

“Blue, blue, my world is blue
Blue is my world now I’m without you”

Yellow- No light No life

It’s easy to find this color around us every day from sunrise to sunset. Like the enormous bright yellow circle that we see in the sky in day time, yellow produces warmth, cheerfulness, happiness, and lively, energetic feelings.

In ancient times, our ancestors had considered the Sun as god and goddess because it protects them from dangerous animals. The sun gives them light, warmth, seasons and the very existence of life on this planet. What about now? Human evolution helps them inventing one of a greatest invention in the world: Electricity. Thanks to Mr Thomas Edison, we can have light all day if we want, no fear of darkness anymore. The sun which has enough fuel left for around 5 billion years even provides us more than light. Solar technology is becoming the key for our future generations when other energy resources are running out. Solar car , solar water heater, solar panels- We are taking advantage of the energy from the sun, but do we show any respect to it? We hide our faces in big buildings with air conditioning which emit chemicals ruining the ozone. Our earth are getting hotter due to the holed ozone, and the sun is getting rude, causing troubles to us.

It’s time to open the windows and see how beautiful our earth is. It was created perfectly for us with yellow sun, blue ocean, and red flame. But what it will be depended on how we take care of it. Do you still remember one of the best all time animation movies Wall-e? My younger sister watched that movie and asked me if our lives would become like this one day.  The answer is “Yes”.  If human keep taking everything in their lives for granted, one day God would take back the gift he gave us.  Using colors properly is one way to show our appreciation with the colorful lives. Obviously, no one want to suffer through “black and white TV” everyday for the next  22 centuries.  Please start finding out the story behind your favourite colors and share here.



Social media tips: How To Be The Hottest?

Imaging your Twitter is a “girl” and the followers are “men” having interest in that “girl”. How to make your “girl” be the most atractive and stand up among over 200 millions “girls” outside? Let’s check those tips for your “girl”:
1.“A man falls in love through his eyes”
When looking at a “girl”, man look at their appearence, their clothes, make up style first… and they know exactly whether they want to understand more about that girl or not. The same as a Twitter Page, the background theme is the first sign that catches other people’s eyes. Personalize your Page and make it be unique among over 200 millions Twitter accounts by colours design, perfect picture, useful contact information or funny things about your life. Keep in mind that “there are no ugly women, just the ones who don’t know how to make herself look good.”
2. Your “girl” need a real name
Try to use a real name or a nickname that professional and closed to your real name for your Twitter. A real name makes it possible and easier for people to find your Twitter and remember “her”. Among over 200 millions “girls” out there, serious “man” is looking for reliable girls, so no one want to make friends with a girl named sleepingprincess, Gummy Bear or Pretty Cat. “Man” looking for real and serious relationship feel more interested and secure with a “girl” in her real name.
3. Charming in an real picture
A picture or visualization is clearer and easier to remember than words. I’m sure that you don’t want your “girl” to be remembered as a Pucca girl or naughty girl except you would like to attract some kind of teenagers or bad guys to your Twitter. That’s another story. Show your lovely smile on the picture, you can get more followers thanks to that shining smile. Your profile picture says more than you think.
Don’t just change your profile picture everyday. Men do not like the feeling that oneday, they have to struggle to find their girls in their friendlist.
4. 160 words- short and simple but don’t underevaluate your BIO
Being a “hot girl”, you have to have a good appearance, choose a beautiful name, pick a perfect picture and show an interesting personal life. On Twitter, you only have 160 words to let other people know all of the aspects of your life: Your industry, your personalities, hobbies and interests…Keep it as short and simple as possible. Be sincerely! Don’t make up a fantastic bio but not yours.  You want to find someone who really interest in your real “girl”, not a faked one.
5. Giving people chance to make you “hot”When guys seem to be enchanted by a girl, they find ways to explore more about her. Give them a clue to your life. Link the Twitter Page with your personal Page (Blog, Facebook or Linkedin) or just somewhere they can find more about you.
6. Be a “modern girl”
You want to be outstanding among millions of “girls” out there. You want to attract more guys. You wish other people to interest in you and check out every of your saying. So don’t put yourself in the corner of the society. People decide to follow your Page because they want to keep track with your updates everyday, so don’t build a fence to protect your everyday activities. We are in social media society, not isolated commune.
7. Be patient! You can not be a “hot girl in just one day”
It’s take time to build up relationship. A girl date out with five guys to get only one good feedbacks. Anything need a process. Find and follow those you feel interested in, and the followews will increase. Don’t just stay at home and waiting for someone to come.
But if you date with 200 guys and get only one feedbacks, it’s seem you date with everyone without consideration. Be careful! You can be consider as a “follower spam”.

Finally, you can not be a “hot girl” if you only read these tips. Apply them to your Twitter and let see how hot you will be? Send me feedbacks if you find out another way to be a “hot girl”.

Video tips: Creating and sharing videos anywhere via Jaycut

Creating a video clip is no longer something out of reach for all of casual users. With lots of video editing software available at your disposal now, it’s not at all difficult to edit and create great videos. However, it leads to another issue that it may take you few hours just to compare those available softwares and pick up one suitable for your need. So, if you accidentally find out my blog, please take time to read it thoroughly before making decision because it may help saving your time of searching and comparing. Let me recommend you Jaycut, an useful flash-based free online video editor.

Jaycut- a website was founded in 2007 by a group of Swedes- is a free online video editing software that allows users to cut-mix-edit-create videos without downloading and installing in the computer. The software provides specialized adding texts, images, transitions functions and many other amazing features that is surprising for a web based editing tool to have. Especially, its possesses such a friendly and intuitive interface that beginners or video “amateurs” can quickly get started with their first video.

As we are overloaded with a variety of video editing softwares on the Internet, you may wonders whether Jaycut is suitable with your need or not. Personally, I think there are some reasons that make it be a perfect choice for those casual video editors.

  • Firstly, it provides clearly instruction (free video editing trial), so beginer can start up easily.
  • Secondly, user can upload different types of media into the website very quickly (no need to look up on Google for ages just to find the right converting software for your MPEG video). Therefore, you can save your time and enjoy exploring your video without worring of file formats or transcoding between devices.
  • Thirdly, you don’t have to sit in front of your computer to create a video. With Jaycut, anyone can edit video at anywhere, with any mobile device, using any media on the web and finally publish the result to any device or website.
  • Another interesting feature that attract many young users to Jaycut is that it allows them to creates his or her own profile page.  The profile makes it a fun way of learning about other people because it is similar to Facebook.

However, just like other free or even expensive softwares, it still has some drawbacks that can annoy your video editing process. Editing video online may be not suitable for high resolution video. You can only upload a maximum 250MB file at once. Also, the video was limited to 30 minutes to discourage people from uploading copyrighted material. Another trouble is that all your videos will appear in your public profile and you cannot hide it from the community.
All things considered, if you are looking for a lengthy high-quality video clip, or a private video just to serve your own needs, Jaycut maynot be your lucid choice. For other users from one who want to refresh their boring presentation to one who want to make simple clip for friends, Jaycut is worth trying.
Approachable interface, Universal access, Unlimited storage”- What else do you expect from a free online software?

THE ENTRANCE- A successful viral marketing video of Heineken

To be honest, 90% of the TV commercials on the TV program can not capture my eyes. There are too much advertising on television today and the most annoying thing is that they ussually interupt my favorite programs or movies. However, I believe that most people who have the same thinking as me will keep their eyes on a Heneiken’s advertising even though it is broadcasted in the middle of their interesting film.

The Entrance-  one of the world’s 15 best TV ads of 2011 (choosen by the Cannes Film Lions). 
Music- Golden age by Asteroids Galaxy Tour

The “Entrance” was shot in Barcelona, Spain, and stars French actor Eric Monjoin. At first, it was launched as a viral video marketing campaign in December of 2010 and get nearly a million views in a week. Then, it was turned into a global TV campaign, starting in March in USA. This video marked an important milestone for Heneiken thanks to those feature:

  • First, it was lauched to introduce the new global brand campaign for the Heineken, called “Open Your World,”. It is based on the latest global Heineken brand essence, ‘Be a Man of the World’ which was debuted in 2009.
  • In this video, it focused on talking about the drinker instead of talking about Heineken in an attempt to engage emotionally with the target audience. (Let’s take a look at the older tagline of Heneiken such as: “A better beer deserves a better can”, “It’s all about the beer”, “ Lager Beer at its Best.”, “Heineken refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach.” All of those taglines focus on Heneiken Beer )
  • Heneiken also created a series of shorter clips that provide some insight into their relationship with the host. (These include: Big in the wonderland, Kung Fu Comeback, Duet, The Perfect Gift, The Monologue, The Man With the Eyepatch, The Magic Flute, Gorgeous Girls, Duel, Dragonbreath, The Dancing Waiter, and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.) The concept of having backstories of all the characters featured in this clip makes it possible for Heneiken to touch more target customers and increase the exposure of the brand.

Through this advertising, Heineken has truly embraced the power of viral video marketing which can help them spread out the message widely through online community at the low cost.  The video has received 2.4 million views since its launch on December 16th, while the shorter clips have on average over 10 thousand views each. The target viewers of the video are young and Internet users. Therefore, its duration is 90s which is only suitable for broadcasting online. However, there’re also 48-second and 60-second version for Television.

Another factors that make this advertising successful is the Music. If you look at some of the other successful TVC of Heineken such as the commercial with Jennifer Aniston or the one by David Elsewhere , you can easily find out that the background music in those ads help increase  their effects on the viewer. Music, melody and lyric can make the viewers remmember the ad easily.

Personally, I think the great thing of this video is that it‘s suitable for both men and women. Most of the other viral videos of Heneiken I have seen always make fun of young women and lead to uncomfortable feeling for me.

It’s a pity for you if you have not check this video of Heneiken and all of the stories behind it.


Website tips- Building your own WEBSITE for FREE with Wix

In Vietnam, it costs almost 10 million VND (about 500US$) to build and maintain an ordinary website. It may not be a large amount of money for big and medium enterprises. However, it would be a huge cost for those small businesses (a small online clothing shop or an online flower shop) and individuals who want to have their own websites.
For individual like me, I do have my own websites (Actually, it is a social media account such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter). Nevertheless, these social media interface still does not satisfy my creative passion. Fortunately, I came across website a few days ago while searching for free online flash design software, and it’s beyond anything I can imagine! It’s is a great tool for budding designers, small business owners, and basically anyone creative looking for a way to create a customized, high quality website without spending a fortune. The website is so simple and intuitive to use that a 14-year old daughter can have her own website.

Another good thing of Wix for those who wish to design a flash website to penetrate into the online market place  or build up their own personal branding is that all sites built with Wix are search engine friendly, and Wix provide us more than just free flash website builder. It can be fit and fully integrated into our Facebook Page tab. It just takes you 5 minutes to learn how to do this:

Now, if you still wonder how easy it is to design your own flash website. It’s time to sign up a free account at and find down your own answer.


Presentation Tips- PREZI A breath of fresh air for your presentation

Thinking about presentation, Microsoft Powerpoint is the first thing that came to my mind. Powepoint slide shows have been around from seminars, webinars, webconference to other types of meeting….Therefore, people get so familiar with them that they are becoming more and more bored with it. If one of you has the thinking that Powerpoint seems to be the only choice for presentation, It’s time to revise your thinking. Just  type the keyword “best tools for presentation” in google, you will be suprised with more than 60 million results mentioning this topic. Almost the first 10 websites of this search mention Prezi as a breath of fresh air in the presentation environment.

So What is Prezi?

It is a presentation software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides. The zoomable canvas makes it fun to explore ideas and the connections between them, and results in visually captivating presentations.

By experiencing Prezi myself, I found out  two key advantages of Prezi over Power Point that make it unique:

  • Easy to use interface : Prezi’s functions and uses are easy to understand, because menus are simple. The Zebra button of Prezi help us move, resize and rotate the object easier. It just take about 15 minutes to learn all of the basic functions of Prezi via its official website.
  • Non-linear presentations: Prezi make it possible for the presenter to simply click the background to zooms out and zoom into any area they want. It allows the presenter to show a “big-picture” visual (which we can not do with the limited space in power point).

Prezi can be a best tool for those who are confused with a variety of functions and buttons in Power point. However, you should notice that beside the two key advantages above, Prezi still lacks of many functions compared with Power point (an integrated presentation software). Therefore, if you want to make a really impressive and powerful presentation by Prezi, you need to know how to use other supporting softwares. My recommendation for you is that you can still make your Prezitation have some animations and sound like Power point by using some softwares below (although using these softwares could be very complicated):

Power Point


Animations: Text, Picture, Object Supporting software: Adobe  Flash, FlaX
Picture Format, Font, Colour Supporting software: Photoshop CS
Music and Sound attach: *.mp3, *.wma… Supporting software: Flash convert software, Youtub

So, next time, If you want to refresh your presentation, use Prezi and other supporting software to make you own story!  Here is one of an great prezitation I think you should look at before starting your own one:

Want to know more about Prezi? Check out:

Yen Phuong

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